Ms. Skillin received her first Bachelor’s degree from The Savannah College of Art and Design in 2006 for Metals and Jewelry with a minor in Costume Design. She started the early version of this company a few years later doing historic re-creations of clothing and jewelry. With a desire to conduct research from original documents, Ms. Skillin sought a second Bachelor’s degree from the University of Souther Maine in Classical Languages with a minor in Archaeology which she received in 2015. Directly after this, she attended the University of Aberdeen in Scotland where she received her Master’s degree in Archaeology.  Her dissertation Splitting Hairs: Testing the Feasibility of Light Microscopy Use on the Identification of Archaeological Cold-Preserved Fur and Hair successfully tested a new process of speciating fur and hair remains without the need for DNA extraction. Ms. Skillin’s research interests include: Arctic archaeology, prehistoric human/animal relations, geoarchaeology (soil sciences) but more importantly here, the development of clothing and adornment, and the development of metalsmithing technologies.